Blackboard closed during update

During this weekend, January 9–10, Blackboard will be closed for all users due to a larger update.

Blackboard undergoes noticeable improvements during the weekend for you as a student. The structure changes and the pages also change design to become more similar to the appearance in the app.

Your schedule, syllabi and practice exams, which have been available on ”My page” on the student web since December 10, are now permanently deleted from Blackboard. In the video you can find instructions on how to access ”My page”.

Download course material

We want to remind you to remember to save important documents or other course material that you may need during the weekend by Friday at latest. All material will be available on Monday January 11 when you can log in to Blackboard again.

One login to your digital tools

From January 11, you will also be automatically logged in to ”My page” if you have already logged in to one of the University's other digital tools – and vice versa. The logins that are connected are: ”My page” on the student web, Blackboard, Student Ladok, Helpdesk and your library account.