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Technology Area: Smart electronic systems

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The technology area Smart electronic systems focuses on the challenges that the ongoing digitalisation of society introduces by the deep penetration of embedded sensing, acting and communicating electronics in our environment. Things become smart and connected, sensor systems and smart things provide the sensing and interacting edges that are bringing the entire world online. Embedded electronics become more pervasive and provide an opportunity for a disruptive wave of innovation of our daily living.


This massive integration of electronics everywhere introduces challenges like: integration, miniaturisation, building practice, new sensors, low energy consumption, electromagnetic interference (EMI), architectures for high performance computing, resource efficient communication and affordable components. Within the technology area Smart electronic systems we have ongoing research on: antenna design, electromagnetic interference and compatibility, nanoelectronics and photonics, radar and radio systems, high performance computing architectures, and building practice for components and systems.


The technology area Smart electronic systems is responsible for carrying through and developing courses within electronics, radio communication, electromagnetic computation and physics.

Updated 2018-10-18