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Technology Area: Systems of cyber physical systems

En intelligent uppkopplad stad

There is growing consensus that many important future innovations will involve closely coupled computational (or “cyber”) and physical components, often in a networked or distributed setting. Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) is a term coined to describe such systems, and has served as a flag for a large community of researchers working in this area.

At Halmstad University, we develop model-based methods that enable innovation in CPSs. New methods are being developed for specification, simulation, and testing. Specification is the process of creating the models, which serve as the central artefact in model-based methods. Simulation provides a mechanism for “animating” or “running” models, and provides a fundamental tool for understanding the dynamics of a given model. At Halmstad, focus has been on rigorous simulation methods which take into account round, discretization, and quantization errors and are guaranteed to produce correct results. Research on testing focuses on developing notions of conformance of software product lines and hybrid systems, as well as test-case generation. Application areas include robotics, automotive, and healthcare systems.


The Technology Area is responsible for carrying through and developing courses within Computer Communication, Computer Science, Computer Systems Engineering, Parallel Architectures and Real-Time Systems.

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