About HDC

The Health Data Centre (HDC) is a centre for research and analytics within health data and artificial intelligence. The focus is to develop the area of information driven care for improved healthcare delivery.

Our commitment

Health Data Centre:

  • Enables collaboration between experts across disciplines and organisations.
    Researchers – health organisations – companies.
  • Facilitates and provides an infrastructure and processes to retrieve, store and analyse health data in a safe environment.
  • Conducts research projects where AI is applied to health data for deeper insights to be used by healthcare organisations and companies.
  • Gathers and provides knowledge and expertise on data management, regulations and law to other ongoing initiatives in information-driven care.

Our goal

The goal of HDC is to spread the structure and expertise built up in Halland around information-driven care to the rest of Sweden and the Nordics. HDC intends to develop a national node for information-driven care, to apply and scale up:

  • AI modeling for increased precision and early management
  • Federated learning for sharing sensitive data
  • Synthetic data generation for analyses without the risk of privacy breaches
  • Patient Encounter Costing (PEC) for resource description of care chains
  • The climate footprint of care chains

Three key components

HDC is a research centre at Halmstad University. Region Halland and healthcare technology company Hallandia V are strategic partners to the centre.

  • Halmstad University provides research competence (AI, data analytics, health innovation etc)
  • Region Halland provides health data upon agreement and clinical expertise
  • Hallandia V provides the data platform SHAARPEC and project and data management




Anna-Frida Agardson