Flea market

Take the opportunity to sell your old things!

Halmstad Studentkår together with Climate Students Halmstad are organizing a flea market on May 22 at Lilla Hjärtat where you as a student get the chance to resell your things that you no longer need! Maybe it's time to move and you want to take the opportunity to reduce the moving load? Or perhaps you want to get rid of your old course literature? Maybe the closet is starting to get a little crowded? Whichever, join us and take the opportunity to sell off your old stuff!

Some details:

- Mark your things with a price and your swish number.

- Bring your things to Lilla Hjärtat either on Thursday 19/5 at 13-17 or Friday 20/5 at 10-15. It will also be possible to leave your things before the flea market starts om May 22 at 10.

- Join us at Lilla Hjärtat on Sunday, May 22 between 10-17 to take part in the flea market!

- After flea market, you can pick up your things that have not been sold. Things that are left behind will be donated.