Study Support

Halmstad University offers a wide range of study support to facilitate your studies. Use this page to find the support you need.

Language guidance

Four people sit around a table full of books and talk to each other. Three of them are looking at the fourth person who is in the lower left corner. Behind them is a whiteboard with text. Photo.

Student Healthcare Centre

Four people sit in a row in armchairs and look into the camera. Photo.

Service Center

Three people are standing in Service Center talking to a woman on the other side of the counter. Photo.

University Library

A woman is standing in between two bookshelves in a library, reaching for a book. Photo.

IT support

A young man with a phone in his hand is leaning against a wall. Photo.

Study and career guidance

Three women are smiling and looking into the camera. Photo.

Disability and learning support

A man sitting down by a table, writing. Photo.

Student and doctoral representative

One man and two women sitting together by a table, smiling. One of them is talking on the phone. Photo.