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Language guidance

On this page, you can find tips and advice on your academic writing and reading. You will meet the language advisers primarily in your courses, so keep an eye on your schedule. You can also send a request for individual guidance with a language adviser.

Contact and individual guidance

Appointment booking

If you have any questions or requests for individual sessions on site or via Zoom, you can contact us via:

Language advisers’ tips

For tips on academic language, follow the language advisers on Instagram!

Språkhandledarna tipsar on Instagram External link.


Six younger women are sitting around a table talking to each other. The picture is taken from above and the table is full of mobile phones, computers and books. Photo.

Reading and listening

A younger man and a younger woman are seated in bean bags, each one of them with a computer in front of them. The man, who has glasses and light hair, looks at the woman's computer screen. The woman looks into the camera and is wearing a dark pink shawl around her head. Photo.

Tips on taking notes

A younger women is sitting at a table with a laptop infront of her. The picture is taken from the side.  Photo.

Student to student

Two young people at a table having a conversation. Photo.