About cookies

Information about Halmstad University's use of cookies on its website.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is sent from our website and is stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

This website contains two different type of cookies:

  1. Long-term cookies, which are text files sent from here and saved on your computer.
  2. Temporary cookies, so-called session cookies, which are only stored temporarily and disappear when you close your browser.

If cookies are not allowed, we can't guarantee that the website works correctly for you, as they are used for various functions on the website.

You can also change the settings in your browser to ask a question every time a website tries to save a cookie on your computer. See your web browser's help pages for more information.

Cookies on

Functions and settings

  • On, cookies are used to facilitate the use of the website and give access to different functions and different types of information. They are used to allow the website to remember settings made by the visitor.
  • Cookie: SiteVision

Web analytics

  • We also use external services for web analytics. The cookie files help us separate different users and how they navigate on the website. This information is important to the University being able to improve and adapt the website to its users. The cookie file does not collect any personal data. Halmstad University has enabled the function for anonymisation of IP addresses in Google’s collection of data.
  • Cookies: Google Analytics and Vizzit Analytics


  • Pixels are used, but only for statistics or marketing communication. In no instances can tracking data be connected to a physical person.
  • Cookies: Facebook and Delta Projects