Mediated literature searching service

The library performs more comprehensive literature searches, such as systematic searches, subject to time availability. The searches are performed in collaboration between librarians and researchers and require a continuous dialogue. Please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities for further cooperation.

If you are a researcher at Halmstad University, you can receive help with

  • advanced information search (selecting keywords, searching relevant databases, using different search strategies)
  • conducting a systematic overview (as above, and in addition methodological support based on evidence-based practice).

An example of what the search process might look like:

  1. First meeting: The researcher brings along research questions, any PICO or equivalent model, one or more relevant articles, and a preliminary timetable. Together we discuss inclusion and exclusion criteria, appropriate databases, and search terms.
  2. After the first meeting: The librarian designs a preliminary search strategy and performs a test search. The researcher reviews the search results and assesses the relevance.
  3. We meet again to optimize the search strategy.
  4. Once we have developed a good search strategy, the librarian, or researcher, conducts searches in relevant databases.
  5. If the librarian performs the final search, the search results are added to a reference management program and are delivered along with documentation.