Student life

Student life includes so much more than just studies. As a student at Halmstad University you have an exciting time ahead where you will learn about a new culture and make friends for life. On this page you can find information about student life, on and off campus.

”Do your best, but don't forget to have fun as well!”

Rebecka Göransson, Digital Design and Innovation student

Study the Swedish way

A group of students are sitting around a table, studying and laughing. Photo.

Find accommodation

Two persons making a drawing of a house in the sand on the beach. photo.

Discover Halmstad

A group of people and a dog, walking along the street in a city centre, smiling and interacting with each other. Photo.

Explore Campus

Two people are walking up the stairs in a bright building with glass windows. Photo.

Student activities

A group of students are standing in the sand dunes on the beach, waving flags above their heads. Photo.

Get the right support

Two people are talking to a person behind a reception desk. photo.

Student Experience and Employability Programme

A woman and a man shaking hands, smiling. Photo.