Student life

Student life includes so much more than just studies. As a student at Halmstad University you have an exciting time ahead where you will learn about a new culture and make friends for life. We will do our best to make your student experience as good as possible!


At Halmstad University is a modern campus where you can find everything you need within a short distance. All of our facilities are located in the same area and from there you can easily access both the city centre and the beach by bike or bus.

Students walking down the stairs in a building with brick walls and glass windows. Photo.

Experience our newest campus facility, S building.

A vibrant and inspiring campus

Halmstad University’s campus is a vibrant place where you can meet with your classmates and teachers in an inspiring atmosphere. In addition to having all your lecture halls, labs and exam facilities in one place, you can find cafés, restaurants, sports facilities, the University and the Student Union’s office. All students also have access to well-equipped computer rooms and high-speed Wifi-connection.

Comfortable student life

As a student at Halmstad University, you never have to run around town to go from one lecture to the next. Most of them take place on campus. This makes it easy to get in touch with students from other programmes, teachers and other University staff. The buildings are modern and offers several inspiring places study with friends. When you need a change of scenery, the city centre is nearby. You can go from campus to the centre by bike or bus in a few minutes.

A group of students sitting around a table and laughing. Photo.

Meet with friends and study together or have a cup of coffee in one of our cafés.

Four students sitting around a table surrounded by green plants. Photo.

Campus offers a lot of different study places in inspiring environments.

The city of Halmstad

Halmstad is a big little city. It combines the best qualities of a small town with the vibrance of a bigger city. You can enjoy a balanced lifestyle with a mix of culture and sports with relaxation in untouched nature.

Three students sitting on a bench in the forest, looking at a laptop, while smiling.Photo.

The municipality of Halmstad has 57 nature reserves that are easily accessible with hiking and biking trails.

Always close to nature

In Halmstad you are always close to beautiful nature. Wherever you are in the city you can easily access a deep forest, a calm lake or a coastal beach within 20 minutes. There are 57 nature reserves around the municipality, offering hiking trails and barbeque spots which are free for anyone to use. One of the most popular nature areas in the city centre is Galgberget – a beech forest upon a hill with great views over the city.

The historic city centre

When you stroll along the streets of Halmstad you constantly get reminded of history and the various events that has taken place in the city. Up until the 17th centrury, this part of Sweden belonged to Denmark which is visible in the architecture of certain buildings. The houses along some of the narrow streets are a few of those which remain after the great city fires of 1619. Make sure to make a stop at the majestic castle by the river Nissan the north gate of the old fortress walls.

A group of students walking down a street, laughing. Photo.

Explore the historic centre of Halmstad.

A bike-friendly city

Exploring the city and its surroundings by bike is recommended! There is no need to commute by car or public transport in Halmstad, as you can easily get around town on a bicycle. Actually, Halmstad is one of the top bike cities in Sweden, with well-maintained bike paths both in the city and on the countryside.

Two people sitting on a bench in the forest, tying the shoes. Photo.

Enjoy a quick run or a bike ride in the forest to gain some energy in between your lectures.

The city of sports

Whether you would like to be active yourself or prefer to sit in the audience, Halmstad is a city where sports always is present. The city is especially known to for its 12 golf courses, but also have several high level sport teams within soccer, handball and floorball. The location on the windy west coast also makes up for perfect conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

A wide range of cultural experiences

Halmstad offers a flourishing cultural scene where you can enjoy both fine art galleries, live music at several venues, movies at the cinema and dramatic plays and stand-up comedy at the theatre. Some of the most iconic buildings in the city is the regional museum and the city library. There are several cultural festivals organised on a yearly basis, for example the street theatre festival.

Engage and socialise

Student life includes so much more than just studies. New friends, newfound freedom, new knowledge, new experiences and new relationships. Halmstad University has a lot of activities to offer outside of your studies.

Take part in social activities during your studies! It’s a great way to meet new friends, build a network and maximise your stay in Halmstad.

A group of students interacting in front of Halmstad University main entrance. Two of the persons are holding electric scooters. Photo.

Meeting new friends is an important part of your studies.

Student Experience and Employability Programme

The SEEP programme is an extracurricular programme with the aim to prepare international students for the Swedish labour market. Boost your career in Sweden by leveraging your strengths and expanding your network.

A woman and a man shaking hands, smiling. Photo.

Why take part in the programme?

By taking part in the Student Experience and Employability Programme (SEEP) you will create a unique opportunity to prepare yourself for a future career in Sweden by learning the language, understanding the working culture, preparing an attractive resume and expanding your network with local employers and University partners. For your personal development, you will connect with like-minded international students which will further enhance your student experience at Halmstad University.

Reasons to join the programme

  • Increase the prospect of finding a job in Sweden
  • Learn Swedish to boost your chances and networking opportunities
  • Understand the Swedish culture, traditions and norms in the workplace
  • Build a network of young professionals as well as company representatives
  • Get a toolbox to build your own capacity and successful career!

Upon a successful completion of SEEP you will receive a certificate that is valuable for your professional CV.

Six students standing outside Halmstad University. Photo.
Programme plan for SEEP. Illustration.

Student accommodation

The Student Union in Halmstad can help advice you regarding student accommodation. There are different options available for exchange students and international students. Please note that they cannot assist with family accommodation.

A young man and a young woman are painting a house in the sand on the beach. Photo.

The Student Union

There are several ways for you to influence your studies during your time at Halmstad University. Getting involved in the Student Union is one way to make a difference.

A glass door with a reception behind it. Photo.

Visit the Student Union in the glass aisle.