Student stories

Our students keep making us proud by bringing innovations to life and getting jobs at forward thinking companies! Get inspired by projects created by our students and meet some of our alumni.

Halmstad University Solar Team

A futuristic looking car. Photo

CatFish – the solar-powered water drone

A truck driving behind a car on a wet road. Photo

Meet student Adam Brass

Person with dark hair smiling into the camera

Best design and second place

People gathered around a drone sitting on a table. Photo.

Best AI Master's Thesis

Drone in the air. Blue sky. Photo

Internationalisation together

Animated picture with a world map. People are placed in different parts of the world. Some carrying briefcases, some on the phone. Illustration.

Electric cars in collaboartive workshop

Four people sit around a table and talk to each other. Three of them are looking at the fourth person and one is looking down. Photo.

Students create smart heat pump

A hand reaches in to a grey machine. There is a white environment in the background. Photo.

Meet our alumni

Product Manager at Bosch

A person standing in front of a window with purple stripes in the back.

Developer at Ericsson

A person standing in front of a window with purple stripes in the back.

E-commerce specialist at AJ

Person in front of a an open space with a staricase and a red couch.

Technology Innovation Manager at Adidas

Black and white photo of a smiling person in a black shirt. Photo.

Labour market integration specialist

A person in front of a green background looking into a camera. Photo.