From Master’s studies in strategic entrepreneurship to e-commerce specialist at AJ

Tatjana Richter studied our Master’s Programme in Strategic Entrepreneurship for International Growth, and now has a successful career as an e-commerce specialist at AJ Products. We asked her a few questions about her current job and what she learned from Halmstad University.

A portrait of a woman in an office environment. Photo.

Tatjana in the office at the AJ Products headquarters in Halmstad.

How is a regular day at work?

My role includes many diverse tasks, and that is what I really like about my job. On a daily basis I am working with the company’s websites for Germany and Austria and also with SEO, social media and advertising on other digital marketing platforms.

”One of the best things about my Master's Programme, was the opportunity I got to work on projects with companies who needed help with real problems in their organisation.”

In what ways can you take advantage of what you learned during your education at Halmstad University in your current position?

One of the best things about my Master’s Programme was the opportunity I got to work on projects with companies that needed help with real problems in their organisation. This experience makes me more confident in a Swedish work place. I also participated in the SEEP programme which definitely helped me learn more about the Swedish labour market as well as getting prepared for the job search process and practicing my Swedish language skills.

Give your top 3 advice for making the most of your Master’s studies?

1. Take the time to network

Getting to know professionals and local contacts is very helpful. In my case I benefitted a lot from the SEEP Programme by getting the chance to establish a professional network through the contacts we had with different companies.

2. Learn Swedish (if you want to work in Sweden)

At every job interview, I was asked if and how much Swedish I could understand and sometimes some questions were asked in Swedish. It’s clearly an advantage to show your motivation to learn the language in the country you would like to work in.

3. Find your field of expertise

Take every opportunity to learn more about the topics you are interested in. Become an expert in your field and find out how your skills can contribute to a company.

What are your future career goals?

I would like to learn more in the field of e-commerce and become an expert in digital marketing.

Quick facts

Name: Tatjana Richter

From: Germany

Education at Halmstad University: Master’s Programme in Strategic Entrepreneurship for International Growth (with specialisation in International Marketing)

Current position and company: E-commerce and Digital Marketing Specialist at AJ Products

Professional background: Working in Brand Management and PR for a German fashion company, and as student job working in the big data team for a German car company.