About the library

The university library is open to everyone. Here you can find places to study, group rooms, computers, printers and scanners. We also have a lecture room for teaching and an open area used for public lectures.

Rules of conduct

The library is a place of work for students, staff and other visitors. It is important that everyone helps to contribute to a pleasant and orderly working environment. In general, please be considerate and do not disrupt the study environment for other visitors. We take collective responsibility for a good study environment for everyone.

  • Use a moderate tone of voice and try to keep your mobile phone silent.
  • Pets must remain outside the library, with the exception of guide dogs.
  • Warm food is not allowed in the library.
  • The library does not take any responsibility for forgotten or lost belongings.

The library building

The library consists of three floors. Floor 1 keeps among other things journals, course literature and dictionaries. On floor 1 you will also find all the library computers. In an extention of glass you can find three printers available for students and staff. Floor 2 contains literature within the scope of the universitiy's subject areas and also the Hallandica room. The library's lecture room and 8 group study rooms can be found on floor 3.

Information about the library

Inauguration: October 1st 1998

Architects: Stella Eriksson & Ellika Stare, White arkitekter, Halmstad​

Interior designer: Ingrid Johansson, White arkitekter, Göteborg​

Area: Approximately 1850 m² (outer measurement 25x25m)

Floors: 3

Bookshelves: BTJ Slimline in beech veneer

Gabels: Clad with red plate and fitting Zero ('The Spear')

Bookshelf lights: 'Fo:ra' from Skellefteå snickericentral

Number of group study rooms: 8

Number of reading rooms: 1 (Hallandica room on floor 2)

Number of places to sit: 258

Artworks at the library

Hans Hamid Rasmussen, Installation on the history of censorship. 1998. Location: Stairwell

The glas cylinder is placed in one of the public stairwells and reaches all three floors of the library. The letters that run in a spiral is made out of beeswax. A very slow-moving lamp illuminates the text that simultaneously cast a shadow on the wall.

Inger Noah Ljungberg, "City hares". 1998, Location: Floor 1

The hare was created for the art project "The archeology of dreams" and was initially apart of an art installation called "Display". That installation had 49 hares in total lined up on a glass podium.