Parking on Campus

The car parks on and around Campus are managed by different operators, with different regulations and taxes.

Map showing where the different parking spaces on Campus are located and which operators are responsible for which parking spaces. Illustration.

Intea (blue on the map)

There are five different parking zone codes for Intea's parking areas on campus (zones 61830, 61831, 61832, 61833, and 61834). Be sure to specify the correct parking zone when purchasing a ticket. Use the code displayed on the sign where you park. The parking apps you can use are Easy Park and Parkster. Prices may vary depending on which app you use.

Parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities are free of charge, but a disabled parking permit is required.

Newsec (grey on the map)

When using Newsec’s car park you can pay by using the parking apps Easy Park (area code 11043) or Smartpark (area code 11043).

Halmstad Municipality (yellow on the map)

When using the Municipality’s car park behind Maxi, along Kristian IV:s väg, on Spetsvinkelsgatan or Linjegatan, you can pay with the parking apps Easy Park (area code 35003), Smartpark (area code 35003), SMS parkering (area code 35003) or Parkster (area code 35003).

Ica Maxi (red on the map)

Maxi only has customer and staff parking – it is not possible to buy a parking ticket.