Halmstad University should be a heart safe workplace, therefore we have four defibrillators on Campus. No specific training is needed since the defibrillator is self-instructing.

The chances of saving the life of someone with cardiac arrest are significantly improved if a defibrillator is nearby.

Our defibrillators

No specific training is needed to use the defibrillator since it is self-instructing. It fits in a small bag and is educationally designed to minimise the risk of mistakes during handling. A voice in Swedish will explain how to use the machine.

Defibrillators on Campus

  • next to the spiral staircase in building E between the ground floor and second floor
  • in the glass aisle opposite restaurant Mangold in Building F.
  • on the ground floor in building I (Högskolehallen)
  • on the ground floor in building P

Students are trained every year

Even if no training is necessary to handle a defibrillator, it's a good idea to take a course in CPR. Around 450 people at the University have CPR skills. Every year, 20–30 nursing students and another 60 students who are involved in Fresher's Week are trained.