In Helpdesk, the University's digital support service, you can report cases to the University. It can be anything from a fault report about the premises on campus to a report of an incident.

What you can report

You can use Helpdesk to report cases and reach the University's staff. Among other things, you can report incidents, such as injuries, harassment and victimisation or vandalism. You can also report an error in the University's premises, an opinion on the University's website, ask for IT support or ask study administrative questions regarding exams and other things.

Reporting a case in Helpdesk

You can log in to Helpdesk with your student account login details and create a case there or email a case to

When you are logged in, you can choose which category of case you want to report.

Log in to Helpdesk here

You can log in to Helpdesk via the login button below.