Campus map

Use our interactive campus map to find your way around campus and get directions to your preferred destinations. The campus map is available through the Mazemap app and as a web version.

How to book a room via Mazemap

Please make sure that you can access the room you want to book before you book it. The University is currently changing the system for access cards, which can lead to temporary malfunction.

  • You can book rooms via the web version (see link below) and through the Mazemap app. Follow the instructions below the first time you want to book through the app.
  • Login is required the first time you book, please use your student account details.
  • The booking system allows you to book a room for maximum 2 hours.
  • The booking must be done on the same day that you want to use the room (not next day, week or year).
  • You can book a room at earliest 08:30 AM. Select ”Book later” if you do not want to access the room immediately. If you try to book a room earlier than 08:30 AM or for another day, you will receive an error.
  • The rooms marked in green on the map, are available for booking. Rooms marked in orange is busy at the moment but might be available later during the day. Rooms marked in yellow are not available for booking.
  • If the above is not being followed, the booking might be cancelled by the University scheduler.
  • Please note that the group rooms in the University Library are not available for booking via Mazemap.

How to book via the app

  1. The first time you log in to book a room via the app, you will be directed to the web version. Follow the link and log in.
  2. After logging in, you will be sent back to the app. Select a room and book it. Done!
  3. The next time you want to book a room in the app, you can do so directly without having to log in.