Vision, goals and strategies

Read about Halmstad University’s vision, strategy and goals as well as our work with quality assurance, environment and sustainable development, as well as equal opportunities and diversity.

Vision and strategy


Halmstad University adds value, drives innovation
and prepares people and society for the future.

Adds value
Drives innovation
Develops society

What does the vision mean?

The vision expresses Halmstad University’s long-term goals – a beacon to strive for. This can mean different things to different people in different roles at the University but all employees contribute to the process of realising the vision. All employees, irrespective of whether they work with education, research, administration or service, should assess their work tasks in relation to the vision’s three key phrases: ”How do I help to add value, drive innovation and develop society through the work I do?”

The vision, goals and strategies were passed by the University Governing Board in April 2019, and is the University’s most comprehensive and long-term regulatory document for all activities.

View of blue sky with a tall building and a column with the Halmstad University logo on it against the sky. Photo.