Doctoral education

Halmstad University conducts doctoral education in several areas and has the right to issue PhD degrees in three areas: Information Technology, Innovation Sciences, and Health and Lifestyle. In other areas, doctoral education is conducted with the support of strategic collaboration agreements with other universities.

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Doctoral education field of Health and Lifestyle

The research area Health and Lifestyle is a multidisciplinary field of knowledge that includes understanding, explaining and changing people’s health and lifestyle. Through different scientific perspectives, new and in-depth socially relevant knowledge is created for the health and lifestyle challenges, health innovations and welfare efforts of today and tomorrow.

Doctoral education in Health and Lifestyle

Doctoral education field of Information Technology

In the area of Information Technology, the University has doctoral education in three subjects: computer science, informatics and signal and systems engineering. The doctoral education in Information Technology aims to create well-educated researchers, teachers and future leaders in IT.

Doctoral education in Information Technology

Doctoral education field of Innovation Sciences

Innovation Sciences include research in the fields of social and behavioural sciences, technology and natural sciences with a common focus on innovation, its creation, emergence, commercialisation and establishment on the market.

Doctoral education in Innovation Sciences

Footnote. Subject to change. All doctoral education starts after the necessary decisions have been made.

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