Quality assurance

Halmstad University’s quality assurance work is integrated in all activities at the University. Quality assurance is something that concerns all University staff and students and ultimately consists of each teacher’s, researcher’s, technical and administrative staff member’s, and student’s daily work to create the conditions for good education, research and collaboration.

In promoting a positive quality culture, staff as well as students should feel a responsibility and commitment to developing and driving quality. Halmstad University's quality culture is signified by participation, dialogue and continuous improvement.

Quality assurance system

Halmstad University’s quality assurance system is based on various quality cycles. For each cycle, activities that compose parts of the quality assurance system are defined and each activity has regulatory documents.

The quality assurance work is signified by systematics, follow-up and learning, which among other things include a clear, committed and competent leadership, collegial participation in the quality assurance work, visibility and long-term vision.

The structure of the quality assurance system is based on Halmstad University's quality assurance policy, approved by the University Governing Board.

The quality assurance system is a a tool for effective and systematic quality assurance work. Halmstad University's quality assurance system consists of a number of separate quality systems which together contribute to a collective whole. These components are:

  • System for strategic management and planning of activities
  • Quality assurance system for core operational areas (education and research)
  • Quality assurance systems for administrative support are also connected to the Vice-Chancellor's decision and delegation of authority ordinance. From this, the areas of responsibility for the Schools, School Advisory Boards, Research and Education Board, University Administrative Support, and others, are made clear.

The quality assurance system has a clearly defined division of roles and responsibilities that ties in with the Vice-Chancellor's decision and delegation of authority ordinance. Additionally, the Vice-Chancellor has appointed a particular board, the Advisory Board for Quality Assurance, which is responsible for drawing up policy proposals, following up the quality assurance work of the organisation, stimulating quality development as well as developing the quality assurance system.