Five questions to student Adam Brass

Adam Brass, student in the Master’s programme in Network Forensics, gives us a little insight in his everyday life as a student and his goals and ambitions.

A male students smiles to the camera as he is standing in a bright white room.

Why did you choose to study this programme?

I chose this programme as an addition to the skills learned in the Network Design programme (previous studies at Halmstad University) as I wanted to challenge myself which I’ve succeeded at doing so given the opportunities of my coursework.

What do you think about your education?

I think my education here at Halmstad University has been brilliant and challenging at times. I believe education is sometimes seen as a one way transaction, but if the individual embraces the responsibility to take their learning further then your opportunities increase. This is what Halmstad University has afforded me to do whether it be networking, working within the ITE department, competitions, and projects from lecturers. For example, our programme had the chance this past week to take part in an automotive car hacking seminar where we learned how attacks against a car may happen.

A room pictures from above with an automotive roadmap on the floor.

The studies include many practical elements such as workshops and seminars organised in collaboration with external companies and organisations.

What do you like the most about studying at Halmstad University?

Studying at Halmstad University offers the ability to have a small class size which allows for better communication and a community feel for the learning experience with students from all over the world.

” open to new experiences which may not be commonplace for your background and be prepared to stay dynamic in that your plans may change for the better”

Do you have any advice for students who intend to study at Halmstad University?

My advice to prospective students at Halmstad University is to come with a plan of action for your studies, but to also be open to new experiences which may not be commonplace for your background and be prepared to stay dynamic in that your plans may change for the better.

What do you do in ten years from now?

In ten years from now, I’ll be a cybersecurity expert with the ability to give back to my community and domain through a sense of experience, confidence in my knowledge, and industry practice to be able to offer myself as a leader and consultant. I aim to grow exponentially in regards to my career aspirations as I have here at Halmstad University as in the field of cyber security and digital forensics learning is an ongoing, cyclical process. 


  • Name: Adam Lane Brass (though I mostly go by Adam Brass)
  • From: Houston, Texas, USA
  • Interest and hobbies: Reading, exercising, self-studies in cybersecurity and anything security related, learning about new cultures, and traveling.