Cookies used on Halmstad University's website

Here you can find more information about exactly which cookies are used on Halmstad University's website.

Necessary cookies

The necessary cookies ensure that our services are secure and work properly for you as a visitor.




This stores your cookie consent so that you do not have to accept cookies every time you visit our website.


We use so-called session cookies. These are used for the part of the website that requires login, My page on the student web for example. Normally only one cookie is used for reading. The cookie contains a session identity code, which is a numeric value and is needed for the listening function to work. The cookie is removed when you close the browser.


This cookie is used as a security measure to protect user data from unauthorised access.


This cookie is used to show that the user has accepted cookies.

Cookies used for analysis of visits

Analytical cookies provide us with information about how our website is used by our visitors. Thanks to that information, we can continue to maintain, operate and improve the user experience.




Cookies related to Google Analytics.


We use Vizzit for statistics, to get an idea of how our visitors use the website. For example, we can see how many people visit us, which pages are visited and which keywords are used on the website. This information is important to us in the work of improving and adapting the website for our users. The cookie does not collect any personal data.


Used to distinguish users by using and storing randomly generated IDs and user information for Google Analytics. These cookies enable Halmstad University to determine whether you are a return visitor to the site, and to track the pages on our website that you visit during your session.


Google Analytics cookie to throttle the request rate.


Used to distinguish Google Analytics users.


Builds a profile of website visitor interests to show relevant and personalized ads through retargeting.


Cookie required to use website options and services.


Contains digitally signed and encrypted records of a user’s Google Account ID and most recent sign-in time. The combination of these cookies allows us to block many types of attack, such as attempts to steal the content of forms submitted in Google services.


Cookie required to use website options and services.


Downloads certain Google Tools and save certain preferences, for example the number of search results per page or activation of the SafeSearch Filter. Adjusts the ads thatappear in Google Search.


Cookie required to use options and services on


These cookies are used to deliver more relevant ads for you and your interests.


This cookie carries out information about how the end user uses the website and any advertising that the end user may have seen before visiting the said website.


Google collects visitor information for videos hosted by YouTube.


Contains a randomly generated and unique browser identifier. This is used for selection among available ads, ad delivery and reporting.


Google collects visitor information for videos hosted by YouTube on maps integrated with Google Maps.


This cookie is used to prevent the browser from sending this cookie along with cross-site requests.


An embedded Youtube-video collects visitor information and adjusted preferred settings.


This cookie is used to play Youtube videos embedded on the website.


The cookie tries to estimate the users' bandwidth on pages with integrated YouTube videos.


Google ReCaptcha stores a cookie to help detect whether the user is a robot or not (ensure security).


This cookie is used to play Youtube videos embedded on the website.


Placed by Google and Youtube and are used to measure traffic on YouTube. A unique text word is saved to identify browser, timestamp for interactions and the browser/sourcepage that led the user to this website.


The main cookie for tracking visitors.


Whenever HubSpot changes the session cookie, this cookie is also set to determine if the visitor has restarted their browser.


This cookie is used to keep track of a visitor's identity. This cookie is passed to HubSpot on form submission and used when deduplicating contacts.


Used by Google AdSense for experimenting with advertisement efficiency across web sites using their services.It’s the first party cookie for “Conversion Linker” functionality –it takes information in ad clicks and stores it in a first-party cookie so that conversions can be attributed outside the landing page.