Study and Career Guidance

If you have questions regarding your education and career possibilities, you are always welcome to contact the study and career counsellors at Halmstad University.

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Study and career counsellors at Halmstad University. From the left: Victoria Bengtsson, Pia Fager and Annalena Stenljung.

Book an appointment

You can easily book an appointment for study and career guidance via our online booking system. The appointment can be made on site at Halmstad University or by phone or Zoom.

If you want to ask a question without making an appointment, you can contact us via email or via the University's switchboard +46 35 16 71 00.

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We are located in the B building, floor 2, above Service Center.

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Guidance session

You can contact the study and career counsellors if you have questions about:

  • Programmes and courses at Halmstad University
  • Educational choices
  • How to apply
  • Overview of your study situation
  • Alternatives during your education
  • Creating goals for future working life
  • Degree questions
  • Career choices

Choose counsellor based on education

If you have any questions regarding a certain course or programme, please contact the counsellor responsible for this specific education. When scheduling your appointment, you can see which education each counsellor is responsible for.

Study and career counsellors

Victoria Bengtsson

  • Courses in engineering, environmental science and informatics
  • Master's Programme (60 credits) in Applied Environmental Science - Ecosystem Services and Nature Resource Management
  • Master's Programme (60 credits) in Exercise Biomedicine - Health and Performance
  • Master's Programme (120 credits) in Digital Service Innovation
  • Master's Programme (120 credits) in Embedded and Intelligent Systems
  • Master's Programme (120 credits) in Industrial Management and Innovation
  • Master's Programme (120 credits) in Information Technology
  • Master's Programme (60 credits) in Electronics Design
  • Master's Programme (60 credits) in Mechanical Engineering
  • Master's Programme (60 credits) in Network Forensics
  • Master’s Programme (120 credits) in Energy Smart Innovation in the Built Environment
  • Network Design and Computer Management

Pia Fager

  • Courses in business and media
  • Master's Programme (120 credits) in Strategic Entrepreneurship for International Growth

Annalena Stenljung

  • Courses in welfare
  • Master's Programme (60 credits) in Nordic Welfare


Lena Johansson

Questions regarding validation of prior education for entry requirements and credit transfer.

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Preparation prior to guidance session

In order to get the most out of your guidance session, please prepare by:

  • reflecting on your strengths in relation to your choice of education
  • investigating your future labour market
  • thinking about what study techniques you are using.

Self-reflection is important

Our task as counsellors is to be neutral and ask questions which makes you reflect around your choices. We want to help you to gain a greater insight into what competencies, interests and driving forces you have in relation to your choice of studies, profession and career. With this information at hand you will be in a good position to make the right choices for your future.