Student Healthcare Centre

The Student Healthcare Centre staff works with one-on-one sessions and more general preventive activities to ensure our students' well-being. The staff is LGBT certified and available for all students at Halmstad University. Your well-being is important to us and you can contact us with any questions regarding your health.

Student Healthcare Centre services

Welcome to the University's LGBT licensed Student Healthcare Centre. We are here both to help you as an individual student and to work preventive with illness among students. Contact us if you need support!

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At the Student Healthcare Centre you will meet Morgan Ljungkvist, health counsellor, Elisabeth Ylander, licensed nurse, Matilda Sturesson, licensed psychiatric nurse, och Linda Emanuelsson, health counsellor.

In case of illness

The Student Healthcare Centre is staffed by nurses, a doctor and health councellors. We can guide you to more specialised support services if needed.

Call 112 in case of emergency

In case of emergency, always contact the national emergency service directly by calling 112. External link.

Points of contact when feeling ill