Copying and scanning

At the University's printer you can copy and scan individual documents and send them to your email account. If you need to copy a larger number of pages, you can get help from the caretaker's office.

Printers on campus

  • University Library (M Building): floor 1 (two colour printers, one black printer)
  • Q Building: floor 3 outside Q305 (black)
  • R Building: floor 3 R3335 (colour)

Scan documents

When you have scanned your document it will be sent as an email to you University email address – if you have not added another email address to your account. In that case, the document will be sent to that address.

How to scan

  1. Login to the printer
  2. Choose scan and send
  3. Choose "select recipient" and "send to me"
  4. Choose if you want the result in OCR or PDF format.
  5. Select 1-sided page or 2-sided page as well as color or black/white
  6. Press the green button on the printer to start the scanning
  7. Remeber to logout when you are ready

Want to report a problem with one of the printers?

  • Log in to Helpdesk.
  • Choose Caretaker's office and technical support.