Good study habits

Studying is sometimes compared to high-level sports where concentration and endurance are put to the test. Whether you are new as a student or have been studying for a while, you need to give yourself the best opportunities to do a good job. Take a look at our tips and develop your study habits!

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Avoid putting off your studying

Will you do just about anything to not have to study? Then you are doing what many others do, which is procrastinating. Procrastination is when you postpone things, although you know that this will have negative consequences in the long term. Procrastination is a learned behaviour based on the fact that we react to unpleasant feelings (stress, boredom, anxiety, etc.) by avoiding them. In a study situation, this often happens automatically the moment we sit down with the books.

If you want to stop postponing your studies, below are some useful tips.

A few tips for stopping procrastination

  • Get to know the excuses you use when you postpone things.
  • Learn to endure the discomfort – you can study even if you are not motivated.
  • Create structure in everyday life. Plan when to study and when not to.
  • Plan for short study sessions and clear breaks.
  • Make a reasonable plan. If you plan too much, the discomfort will increase and the risk of falling back into the procrastination will increase.
  • Set clear goals and reasonable deadlines.
  • Study with a friend. If you have agreed to meet a friend at the library, the chance that you actually go there is much bigger.
  • Reward yourself.