Distance learning – tips and tricks

With distance learning it can be hard to maintain good routines. They are important for creating good conditions for you to succeed in your studies. Here are some tips on how to make your distance education work well.

Woman sitting in a sofa with a laptop, wearing headphones and taking notes. Photo.

7 tips for efficient distance studies

1. Set at goal

Example: Write two pages for the home exam.

2. Divide the work

Example: Find 3 relevant articles, read an article and summarise the article.

3. Remove distractions

Take away anything that might take away your focus, for example your phone.

4. Set a timer

Set the alarm for 25 minutes.

5. Go!

Focus for 25 minutes straight.

6. Celebrate

Mark the goal you have managed to reach during the 25 minutes and celebrate!

7. Move around

Take a 5 minute break and move around for a bit. Change rooms. Start again.

Study together

Regardless of whether you meet your classmates physically or digitally, you benefit from studying together. There are many digital tools you can use. Find the one that works best for you.

Stay in touch

When you're only studying remotely it can easily feel a bit empty and lonely. Agree on how to keep contact with each other and how to continue your regular meetings, coffee and lunch breaks, even though they are now done remotely. Checking in with someone regularly and having someone waiting for you digitally makes it harder to 'cheat' with your study hours. It also makes distance learning a bit more fun and easier to handle.