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Student Ladok

Student Ladok is the University's web-based, study administration system. In Student Ladok you can see your results, register for courses and exams. When you log in to Student Ladok for the first time, it is important that you make sure that your contact information is correct, otherwise you may miss out on important information.

Start by checking that your email address in the system is correct. Enter the email address that you want the University to contact you through. You can find your contact information under ’My pages’. For example, to change your email address, click on ’Change contact channels’ and enter the correct address. Don’t forget to save.

In Student Ladok you can:

  • see your results
  • register for courses (you must always register for a new course)
  • register for exams
  • create certificates: Certificate of anticipated participation, Certificate of Registration and National result certificate
  • apply for your degree certificate and certificate for completed education
  • see your courses

Log in to Student Ladok

You log in to Student Ladok with your student account at student.ladok.seexternal link. Click on the blue button ’Välj lärosäte för inloggning’ / ’Select higher education to login’. Select ’Halmstad University’ in the list of universities, then click on ’Proceed to login’.


If you can’t select Halmstad University when you are trying to log in it may be because you have logged in to Ladok at another university previously. Go to link and then select ’Yes, Clear my Settings’ to remove your previous selection to always log in with the other university. Next time you log in to Halmstad’s Student Ladok and click on ’Select higher education to login’, you should find Halmstad University in the list of universities.

How to register for a course

To be able to take part in the education, you have to be registered for the courses you're studying. Watch our instruction video (Introduction to Ladok) above to see how to register for a course or read the instructions below.

  1. Log in to Student Ladok through student.ladok.seexternal link. You use the login information you were given at the Service Center.
  2. Go to ’Upcoming’ on the first page in Student Ladok.
    Find the course you want to register for. You can see if the course is open for registration and for how long. You can also see if there are conditions for your admission. Click on ’Register’ if your registration is open. You are now registered for your course.

If there are uncertainties, contact Service Center.

Exam registration in Student Ladok

You always need to register for an exam in order to write it. You can find all registration periods at Follow the steps on how to register or watch our instruction video about exam registration (signing up) below.

  1. When an exam registration is open, it appears as a link next to each course under ’Current’ on the first page in Student Ladok, or under ’Uncompleted’ if the course isn't active right now.
  2. Click on the link ’Application for xx is open’. You will find the upcoming exam in the list of all your examinations, highlighted in yellow. Check that you have selected the correct exam. Scroll down the list if you can’t find the exam.
  3. Mark ’​I want to apply’ and click the ’Apply’ button. A green box with the text ’Your application is now made’ appears.

If you have forgotten whether or not you have registered for an exam you can click on the course on the first page in Student Ladok and select the ’Result’ tab to find your way back to your list of examinations. There you will be able to see whether or not you are registered for the exam.

Student Ladok will close when upgraded

  • Every night, between 1am and 3am
  • February 5, 4 am–7 am
  • February 14, 5:30 am–8 am
  • February 28, 5:30 am–8 am

Updated 2019-02-04