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Wireless network, eduroam

We recommend that you use eduroam when you connect to the Internet. You find eduroam on most of campus, and at many other places as well, i.e. airports and railway stations in Sweden, and other universities around the world.

Logging on to eduroam

Note: you log on to eduroam using your and your eduroam password, which you find after logging on to Helpdesk.external link

Connecting to eduroam

To use the eduroam network you need to configure your device. The easiest way to do this is to use the appropriate installation fileexternal link.

If you cannot find the correct certificates in your certificate list you may have to install the certificates below:

eduroam_hh_se (.crt)

DigiCertCA (.crt)

DigiCert Assured ID Root CA (.crt)

If you use eduroam at another university you need to comply to their rules regarding net use. If you need help concerning eduroam while visiting another university (i.e. regarding logging on), you should contact HH IT helpdeskexternal link.

Updated 2018-03-02