Federated learning and synthetic data generation

The project is financed by Vinnova and is a preparation project for a so-called national system demonstrator. The overall aim of the project is to accelerate the change required for the regions to be able to work more information-driven. This is done in the two tracks of the project – a technical track and a track for discussion and knowledge transfer.

The project is called Information-driven care – federated learning and synthetic data generation and runs during the period August 2022 to March 2023. The project involves three regions (Halland, Örebro and Kronoberg), two universities (Halmstad and Örebo), AI Sweden, Astra Zeneca and Hallandia V.

Project description

The project consists of two main tracks, a technical track and a track for knowledge transfer and discussion.

The technical track

In the technical track, we are testing the possibility of sharing data from several regions via so-called federated learning. It is a way to train an algorithm/prediction model on data from multiple regions without the data leaving the regions. In this project, clinical and resource-related data from heart failure patients are used. Region Halland has already analysed and researched this data and drawn very exciting conclusions. The goal is to be able to do the same kind of analysis with heart failure data in Region Örebro län.

In the technical track, synthetic generation of health data is also tested. It is mainly one partner in the project, the company Hallandia V, which focuses on this part of the project. They are developing a method to synthesize health data, where the quality of the data is maintained but all personal information is removed.

Discussion and knowledge transfer

This track of the project consists of seven working packages that bring together expertise from the project's three regions. The groups are change management, IT and digitalisation, law and procurement, financial management, implementation and knowledge management, medical technology and innovation and business. The groups discuss the opportunities and obstacles that health data has in their field. They are also tasked with describing a current situation and proposing the change that is necessary, as well as which other actors (authorities, organisations, companies, etc.) that need to be activated for collaboration in order to achieve a change.

Partners in the project

  • Halmstad University, Health Data Centre
  • Region Halland
  • Region Örebro län
  • Region Kronoberg
  • Örebro University
  • AI Sweden
  • Astra Zeneca AB
  • Hallandia V AB


The project is financed by Vinnova during August 2022 to March 2023

More information

National project within information-driven care is coordinated by Halmstad University




Anna-Frida Agardson