Access cards

To access University premises during evenings and weekends and to access computer rooms, project rooms and some lab areas, you need an access card. Your access card is automatically valid as a library card.

Two students are in the Service Center and a worker is talking to them. Photo.

Create an access card

You can create your access card in the online platform HH card portal

  1. Make sure to be registered for the courses you are taking.
  2. Open the HH card portal via the link: External link.
  3. Choose preferred language in the top right corner.
  4. Log in by using your student account details (the username and password you chose when creating the account). Choose your preferred language again.
  5. Follow the instructions.
  6. You will get an email to the email address that you have registered in Ladok for students when your access card is ready to be picked up in Service Center. Remember to bring a valid ID.
  7. You can now use the card to access the University facilities, loan books at the library and use the printers.

Opening hours at Service Center

Access card regulations

The access card is to be treated as a valuable document – a key that grants you access to University premises. As a card holder you are responsible for keeping the card and your pincode from falling into the wrong hands. Please note that the card cannot be used as identification outside premises of Halmstad University.

The access card is only working in the facilities you have access to, which is depending on which education you are studying. If you have any questions regarding the access card or are having problems entering a room or building you should have access to, please contact IT support via Helpdesk.

As a card holder, you are obliged to follow these regulations:

  • do not disclose your PIN code to any unauthorized person(s),
  • do not lend your campus card to others,
  • do not use the card in violation with current law,
  • keep the access card and PIN code separate as well as making sure your access card and PIN code are kept in a safe place,
  • immediately notify Helpdesk or contact Service Center if your campus card is mislaid, or if your PIN code has fallen into the hands of any unauthorized person(s). In case of mislaid cards (not wear and tear) a fee of 50 SEK will be charged,
  • upon request, show your access card to security guards and / or other members of staff,
  • return an expired card to the Service Center and
  • follow Halmstad University's rules regarding the use of premises.

Infringement of these rules can imply that your card will be blocked by the University.

General rules on Campus

  • As a student you are allowed to be in Halmstad University's premises between 06:00 and 24:00 every day of the week. However, access in to the buildings ends at 23:00
  • Smoking is not allowed on the premises of Halmstad University or within 10 metres of the entrances of the University.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages and drug use is strictly forbidden on the University premises.
  • Pets are not allowed on the University premises.
  • Overnight stays in the university's premises are prohibited.
  • Existing evacuation and fire escapes must be respected and kept clear.
  • Many of the University premises and equipment are fitted with alarms. If an alarm goes off, those responsible are liable for damages unless a reasonable explanation exists.
  • Group rooms, project rooms and other spaces must be kept arranged in a way that it is possible to clean floor surfaces and work surfaces. The surfaces must not be used for storage of personal belongings such as bicycles or other bulky equipment.
  • The premises must be left in good condition after use, which means restoration of furnishings and equipment.
  • Sales of non-university material, as well as the handing out or promoting of brochures, free newspapers or suchlike within the University's premises may only take place after special permission from the Communications department or the conference manager in connection with the held conference(s).

If a student violates the above rules, the University's Disciplinary Board may, under the conditions specified in chapter 10 in the Higher Education Ordinance (1993: 100), decide on disciplinary measures against the student.

Forgotten pin code

If you need a new pin code you can create one in the online HH card portal.

Lost access card

If you loose your access card, you can inactivate your card and make a new one in the online HH card portal, but you need to pay SEK 50 when you pick it up in Service Center. Remember to bring a valid ID. If you card does not work anymore, you can make a new one for free.