Support for students with a disability

The forms of study support mentioned in the list below are the most common, but there can also be other forms. In the conversation with the coordinator, you can discuss what forms of support could be appropriate for you.

Adaptation and support during examination (written exam)

Please note that the following support only applies for written exams on campus.

  • Extended writing time
  • Technical aids, for example, a computer with speech synthesis software (read function)
  • Possibility of writing the exam in a smaller group

In order for you to receive the support you have been granted during the written exam, you must notify the examination service of this within the registration period. Remember to also register for the exam in Student Ladok. You provide notification of the support measure on a form you receive from the administrator for students with disabilities, in conjunction with receiving the support decision. You then send the form via e-mail to the University.

Send the exam notification to:

Adaptation for other examination formats

This means that you can take an oral exam instead of a written exam, or vice versa. All adaptation of the examination format is decided by the examiner, who makes the decision based on the intended learning outcomes for the course. It is always the examiner on the course who decides on the possible adjustments, based on the intended course learning outcomes.

Sign language interpreter and writing interpreter

The University is responsible for providing a sign language interpreter or writing interpreter during classes for individuals who are deaf or hearing-impaired. If you need interpreter assistance, notify the administrator for students with disabilities in good time before the start of the course, and preferably when registering for a course or programme.

Assistance with taking notes

Receiving assistance with taking notes entails having a “co-student” taking notes during lectures and seminars, which are then made available to you. Sometimes, the co-student can also go through the notes and explain them. The student taking the notes is compensated for their work.


Sometimes the disability can mean that you require personal support. A mentor can provide support in the planning and structuring of the studies for students with a mental or neuropsychiatric disability. Mentoring is carried out in these cases by a teacher or another student. The possibility of receiving this support depends on there being a suitable mentor available.

Course literature on adapted media

You can receive your course literature as a talking book, e-textbook, Braille or with enlarged text. At the University library you can find more information and help with adapted course literature.

University Library

Digital reading and writing support

As a student at Halmstad University you can get access to the software ClaroRead, SpellRight and StavaRex. ClaroRead is a software with many functions, with everything from out loud reading of texts to transformation of documents into listenable texts. There is also a function for correct spelling where the words are read out loud while writing.

SpellRight is an advanced software for correct spelling in English and StavaRex is an advanced software for correct spelling in Swedish, for persons with reading and writing difficulties. The software offers a better support than many commonly used software.

You get access to the software via the platform Skolon. Read more and apply for a login via the link below.

Software for downloading