Energy saving at the University

The University is taking steps towards using less energy, specifically electricity, to meet the challenges of today. On this page you can find information about what the University is doing and what you can do to help reduce energy usage.

What is the University doing?

The entire University is working with energy and sustainability matters, both on campus in Halmstad and on Campus Varberg.

Here are some examples of measures taken by the University:

  • decreasing the hours that the ventilation system is running at night
  • decreasing the hours that the sauna heater is on in the I building
  • changing the hours (when and for how long) for the lights in the S building
  • decreasing the hours when the display devices are running
  • presence controlled lighting in the stairwells in the A–F buildings
  • changing bulbs to LEDs, when possible
  • turning off equipment that isn’t used and when it doesn’t need to be on
  • turning off the ventilation system for premises that weren’t in use during the December and January holidays.

Energy-smart ways to save energy on campus

Here are some examples of how you can contribute:

  • Only turn on as many lights as you need
  • Turn off the lights when you leave project rooms or classrooms
  • When possible, use the stairs instead of the lift
  • Only air the rooms when necessary (a few minutes is usually enough)
  • Close the windows when you leave project rooms or classrooms
  • Do not block the ventilation system or radiators.

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