Exam in another location

Students might be able to take an exam in another city or a country outside of Sweden, if special conditions prevail.

If you're an international student and are required to retake an exam or assignment in order to complete your course you can apply to do so in another location. This is also applicable if you're required to spend a period abroad as part of your course (or you're on an approved student exchange), and the exam period falls during your time abroad.

Regulations regarding taking exams in another location

  • Your application must be submitted before the registration period for the exam ends.
  • You must register for the exam in Student Ladok within the exam registration period.
  • If a student is allowed to sit an exam in another city or country, it must be done at a university, college, consulate or embassy.
  • The exam must be be taken at the same date and time as the exam will be taken at Halmstad University.

Exam registration periods

Name, work title, email address and phone number.