Student of the Year

Every year, at the Graduation ceremony, Halmstad University rewards one student from each of our schools with the award Student of the Year. Everyone with a connection to the University can nominate candidates for the award. The last day to submit nominations for this year's award was April 14, 2022.

Student of the Year 2021

Four people stand in a row on a stage where the fourth person on the far right receives flowers from a person standing with her back to the camera. Photo.

Student of the Year 2021. Sara Karlsson, Subject Teacher Education for Upper Secondary School; Alexandra Roberg, Nursing Programme; Aida Ekberg, Study Programme in Business and Economics; and Ema Krcic, Master of Science in Computer Science.

Student of the Year 2020

Four smiling people standing next to each other, each one of the is holding a diploma and flowers. Photo.

Student of the Year 2020. Vandan Revanur, Master’s Programme in Embedded and Intelligent Systems, Lovisa Lindqvist, Political Science – Social Analysis and Communication, Anna Fransson, Programme in Innovation Engineering, and Markus Enoksson, Programme Psychology – Sport and Exercise.

Student of the Year 2019

Four smiling people walk one after the other in the spotlight, each holding a diploma and flowers. To the left of them the Swedish flag is visible. Photo.

Student of the Year 2019. Maja Waldau, Social Analysis and Communication programme, Emma Flodin, Social Change and Social Sustainability programme, Jennie Vestberg, International Marketing programme, and Lucas Ebers, Electrical Engineering programme.

Student of the Year 2018

Six well-dressed people stand next to each other, all but one holding their diplomas and flowers. Photo.

Student of the Year 2018. Johan Elwing, Biomechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Programme, Amanda Stenholm, Psychology – Sport and Exercise Programme, Alexander Galozy, Master’s programme in Embedded and Intelligent Systems, Kajsa Carlsson, Subject Teacher Education Programme, and Anna Lidén, Enterprise Systems Programme.