Happy people waving colored shawls in a confetti rain. Photo.

Graduation ceremony

Every summer at the end of the academic year Halmstad University hosts a joint ceremony for all graduating students. More information about the ceremony will follow on this page.

Graduation ceremony 2024

A packed arena with spotlights directed to the stage. On the stage there's a big stand screen and two persons. Photo.

Graduation ceremony at Halmstad Arena

On 31 May starting 15.00, the grand joint graduation ceremony for all the graduands who completes their degree programme studies in spring 2024 will take place. The graduation ceremony is a thank you for your years at Halmstad University.

Young people are standing on a stage with waving shawls under a rain of confetti. In front of the stage there is a crowd. Photo.

You must register to attend the ceremony

In order to attend at the graduation ceremony you must register yourself and your guests. The registration is open between February and May and a link to a registration form will be published on this webpage when the registration period is open.

Two well-dressed young women are standing with their arms around each other’s backs with the backs against the camera. In the background there is a crowd of people. Photo.

Celebrate at your programme degree assembly

Many programmes have a tradition of meeting up to say good bye and celebrate, before the joint graduation ceremony. In previous years, students and programme directors have chosen to have breakfast, lunch or dinner together or meet under more traditional graduation forms on University premises.

During the programme degree assembly you can, for example, give personal speeches, hand out internal awards or anything else that you would like to highlight. It is you, together with your fellow programme students and your programme director who decide what your programme degree assembly should contain. If you want to know what applies to your programme, you can contact your programme director.

Several men in suits are standing in a line. Around their necks they have red shawls. Photo.

You may borrow a graduation shawl

Students who attend the graduation ceremony may borrow a colour-coded shawl. The colour of the shawl is based on the student overall, which is used during the Nollning/Fresher's week, for example. The shawls are handed out when you walk in to Halmstad Arena and collected again after the ceremony. See what shawl colour your programme has via the link below.

Graduation shawl
In the photo there is a crowd in an arena. Spotlights in different colours are aimed at the crowd. Photo.

Graduation ceremony glossary

In the Graduation ceremony glossary you find important information that is good to know when you graduate and will attend the graduation ceremony, for example what applies at the arena on 31 May.

Graduation ceremony glossary
Two young women and two young men are standing in a row with flowers and diplomas in their hands. They are all dressed up. Photo.

Previous Students of the Year

Every year, at the graduation ceremony, Halmstad University rewards one student from each school with the award Student of the Year. Everyone with a connection to the University can nominate candidates for the award.

See previous award recipients on the webpage Student of the Year.

Student of the Year
Four people stand in a row on a stage where the fourth person on the far right receives flowers from a person standing with her back to the camera. Photo.

Nominate for Student of the Year

The nominaton for Student of the Year 2024 is open between 13 November 2023 and 14 April 2024. Read more and nominate for the award via the link.

Nominate for Student of the Year
A woman in a pink jacket is sitting on a chair in a dark room. She is facing the camera smiling. Photo.

Previous Alumnus/Alumnas of the Year

Alumnus/Alumna of the Year is handed out at the graduation ceremony as a way of acknowledging previous students that have excelled in different ways after their graduation and are positive role models.

See earlier award recipients on the webpage Alumnus/Alumna of the Year.

Alumnus/Alumna of the Year
A man on a stage is giving a speech. Behind the stage to the left is a large tv-screen with a portrait photo of a man displayed. Photo.

Nominate for Alumnus/Alumna of the Year

The nominaton for Alumnus/Alumna of the Year 2024 is open between 13 November 2023 and 14 April 2024. Read more and nominate for the award via the link.

Nominate for Alumnus/Alumna of the Year

After your graduation

Several white and blue diplomas are lying rolled up on a table. Each diploma has a green ribbon tied around it. Photo.

Apply for your degree certificate

Please note that you will not receive your degree certificate on the graduation day. You have to apply for the degree certificate in Student Ladok when you have completed your studies.

Degree certificates
The photo shows a pin zoomed-in. The pin has the text Alumni Halmstad University and shows Halmstad University’s logotype. Photo.

Join our alumni network

The University has an alumni network on Linkedin, a meeting place for anyone who has studied at Halmstad University. By being a part of the network, you can easily stay in touch with your former classmates and staff after your time with us and share or receive tips on vacancies or career boosting events.

The University's alumni network
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Check out our merchandise

In the University's collection of merchandise you find everything from hoodies and t-shirts to mugs with an alumni theme for proud alumni.



If you want to know more about the graduation ceremony you can contact the University's event group via