Alumnus/Alumna of the Year

Every year, at the Graduation ceremony, Halmstad University reward a former student with the award Alumnus/Alumna of the Year.

Alumna of the Year 2023

A woman stands on a hill with her back against a city environment facing the camera. Photo.

Anagha Anand is a product manager at Robert Bosch Germany and alumna from the Master’s Programme in Industrial Management and Innovation.

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Alumnus of the Year 2022

A man smiling, looking in to the camera. He is wearing a dark blue shirt with a Swedish flag on it. Photo

Daniel Ekvall is advisor in sports psychology for the men’s national fotball team. He has studied pedagogy and psychology, both with a focus on sports.

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Alumnus of the Year 2021

Two people visible from the side are facing each other in front of a large, colorful screen. The person on the left is holding a bouquet of flowers and the person on the right is saying something. Photo.

Peter Uppman is an Innovation Strategist at Region Halland and former student in the Bachelor’s Programme in Innovation Engineering at Halmstad University.

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Alumna of the Year 2020

Två kvinnor står i rampljuset varav den till höger mottar blommor och ett diplom. Foto.

Rebecka Larsson is a former student in the Health Education programme and works with supporting individuals that have ended up outside the labour market and need to be rehabilitated.

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Alumna of the Year 2019

Two women standing in a spotlight, one of them handing flowers and a diploma to the other one. Photo.

Åsa Ekman, children’s rights consultant and former student in the Bachelor's Programme in Sociology and Community Development and Social Action.

Alumnus of the Year 2018

Two men standing in the spotlight, one of them holding up flowers and a diploma. Photo.

Christoffer Lindhe, entrepreneur and former student in the Bachelor's Programme in Innovation Engineering.

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