Worthy winner of Halmstad University’s new award: Alumnus of the Year

The first person to receive Halmstad University's Alumnus of the Year award is Christoffer Lindhe, entrepreneur and former engineering student.
”Christoffer is an extraordinary role model in many aspects and a person who has made his mark both during and after his studies”, says Anders Nelson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

Former students are valuable ambassadors for Halmstad University who the University wants to keep in touch with. In addition to strengthening the work with our alumni association, a new Alumnus of the Year award is now instituted.

”The foundation of the alumni association is to build long-term relationships with our students in a broader perspective. A continuous close contact with us gives our alumni the possibility to gain valuable experiences over the years. The new award shows that Halmstad University values this relationship”, says Anders Nelson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Collaboration, Innovation and Internationalisation and head of the evaluation panel for the Alumnus of the Year award.

Successful entrepreneur

The first alumnus to receive the new award is Christoffer Lindhe, entrepreneur and former student at the Programme in Innovation Engineering.

When Christoffer Lindhe was 17 years old, he lost both his legs and one arm in a train accident. Today he’s running a successful business specialising in artificial foot prostheses, a startup which he developed with a fellow student during his time at Halmstad University.

”I hope my story can inspire others”

Christoffer Lindhe himself is flattered by the award but emphasises that he has not walked alone on his road to success.

”I have received a lot of support and have not hesitated to ask for help when needed. I hope that this award will enable my story to be shared to a broader audience where it hopefully inspires others. I’m very grateful towards everyone who has been by my side along the way, where Halmstad University was an important partner in terms of giving me the tools and connections needed to succeed.”

Collaboration is key

Christoffer Lindhe has collaborated with Halmstad University in many ways since he graduated. Over the last year he has been engaged as an inspirational speaker, a mentor in a mentorship course and originator in a large amount of product development projects connected to various programmes at Halmstad University.

”The University’s collaboration with Christoffer is a great example of how we can and want to work with our alumni. Halmstad University’s research and education is driven by collaboration and when our students end their studies they become a part of the society we are working with which results in new relationships. The key is to develop these relationships to further build strong collaborations with the industry and public sector. Through this we want to create value for both alumni, current students and the University as a whole”, says Anders Nelson.

Anyone with ties to the University has had the opportunity to send in their nominations for the new award. Based on this, the evaluation panel has decided to name Christoffer Lindhe Alumnus of the Year 2018.

Text: Emely Niemi Jonsson
Video: Ida Fridvall

The evaluation group

Anders Nelson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and head of the evaluation panel, Gerry Andersson, Stefan Byttner and Hans Löfgren, the collaboration team and Alfred Gotemark, Vice President of Student Union.