Degree certificates

When you have completed a course or a programme you can apply for a course or degree certificate. Please note that course certificates only are issued on whole courses, i.e you must have obtained a final grade on the course and the final grade must be registered in Student Ladok.

How to apply for degree or course certificate in Student Ladok:

  • Check that your address is correct on ’My pages’ in the menu. Your course or degree certificate will be sent to this address, which is your current registered address in Sweden.
  • If you want the degree to be sent to another address, you can add a temporary address under ’change your address’.
  • Save before proceeding.
  • Go to ’Degrees and certificates’ in the menu to apply for course and degree certificates.

Receiving your degree certificate

The degree certificate will normally be issued within two months after the complete application has been submitted. We will send the degree certificate to the address you have stated in the application form. The certificate will be sent by registered letter.