Alumni network

The Halmstad University alumni network is a meeting place for current and previous students at Halmstad University. As a member of the network you can easily stay in touch with both students and staff after your studies.

You are welcome to join the alumni network if you:

  • are studying/have been studying at Halmstad University
  • are doing research/have been doing research at Halmstad University
  • are working/have been working at Halmstad University

Other alumni groups connected to Halmstad University

On Halmstad University's LinkedIn page you can find more alumni groups to which you can apply to become a member in. These groups are connected to certain programmes or associations at Halmstad University. Contact us if you do not find your programme, and want to start a new group connected to the University page.

Alumnus/Alumna of the Year

Every year, at the Graduation ceremony, Halmstad University reward a former student with the award Alumnus/Alumna of the Year. By handing out the award Alumnus/Alumna of the Year, Halmstad University promotes former students that have excelled in different ways after their graduation and that are positive role models for both the University, its students and for the surrounding community.

Alumna of the Year 2023: Alumna of the Year Anagha Anand climbs the international career ladder in male-dominated industry

Alumnus of the Year 2022: Alumnus of the Year brings knowledge from the University to the national team

Alumnus of the Year 2021: “The value of studying at a smaller university is great”

Alumna of the Year 2020: Alumna of the year has rehabilitation of the unemployed close to her heart

Alumna of the Year 2019: Engagerad barnrättskonsult Årets alumn vid Högskolan

Alumnnus of the Year 2018: Worthy winner of Halmstad University's new award

Vy underifrån på tre höga byggnader som sträcker sig mot en blå himmel. Högskolans logotyp syns på den vänstra av byggnaderna. Foto.