Mentor to a student with a disability

Are you interested in supporting a fellow student? Being a mentor for a student with a disability is an important assignment where you can help with planning, prioritising and support and create study motivation.

Support in the everyday study life

The mentorship is a part of the disability study support which is offered to students at the University who have a disability that is an obstacle in their studies. As a mentor, you act as a support in the everyday study life for another student.

As a mentor, you will:

  • support and create study motivation
  • act as a sounding board
  • help prioritise, plan, make weekly schedules and goals
  • be a discussion partner, but not act as a teacher or counsellor

The goal of the mentorship is to help the student become more independent.

Good traits as a mentor

There are some personality traits that are good for a mentor to have, and that make it possible to have a good relationship within the mentorship. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, you should:

  • be interested in people
  • be patient and flexible
  • be attentive and be able to put yourself in others’ perspectives
  • be good at planning and structuring
  • be responsible
  • have studied a few semesters and have found a good study technique

Register you interest in becoming a mentor

Use the form below to register your interest in becoming a mentor. When you register your interest in becoming a mentor, you are not guaranteed an assignment. You will be contacted with more information once your interest has been registered.

Do you want more information before you register your interest? Contact Susanne Lindén or read more about disability study support and mentorships using the links below the form.

Two people looking at a computer screen. One is helping the other.