Print at the Caretaker's office

At the caretaker's office in Q Building, you can get help with ordinary prints, copies and large format colour prints.

Contact the Caretaker's office

You can contact us by phone +46 35 16 71 10, Monday–Friday between 8 am and 4 pm. You can also come by and knock on our door during office hours, we are usually there.

Find your way to the Caretaker's office (Mazemap) External link.


Ordering large format colour prints

The University’s large format prints are in 200 gram semi-gloss photo paper and measure 50x70 cm or 70x100 cm. The prints cost SEK 140 and SEK 200 respectively.

  • Save the file (study-related material) you wish to print as a PDF and hand it in to the caretaker’s office on a USB stick.
  • You pay when placing your order, but you do not use the money on your printing account.
  • Delivery time is six working days, or as agreed..
  • When the printing is done, you can collect it at the caretaker’s office.

If you are going to print out a poster which your teacher has pre-ordered and which will be paid for by the university, you can send the file to Enter the name of the teacher as the reference.

Resolution and size of the PDF

The resolution of the pixel graphics in your document should be 150 DPI for both large formats. If you want to check whether the resolution is high enough, you can zoom to 400% in your computer to get a rough idea of what the print will look like. A test print in colour on A4, which looks good at arm’s length, also looks quite good in 70 x 100 cm when seen on a wall.

Settings for your PDF

  1. Select File/Print or File/Export, then Adobe PDF (or equivalent).
  2. Select the “High Quality Print” preset and then under “Compression” or “Images”, change to “Downsample pictures –150 dpi”. This will give your document a reasonable file size. The size of a PDF file for a poster in 70 x 100 cm format is normally between 1 and 4 MB.

Printing costs at the Caretaker's office

  • Black and white printer (80 g copy paper)
    • A4: SEK 2/page up to 20 pages
    • A4: SEK 0,90/page subsequent pages
    • A3: SEK 2/page
  • Colour printer (120 g glossy paper)
    • A4, colour print: SEK 4/page
    • A4, only black: SEK 2/page
    • 200 g paper: +SEK 1/leaf
    • 250 g paper: +SEK 1/leaf
    • A3: SEK 8/page
  • Large format
    • 50x70 cm: SEK 140
    • 70x100 cm: SEK 200
  • Other
    • Glue binding: SEK 20/piece
    • Lamination, A4: SEK 9/piece
    • Lamination, A3: SEK 16/piece





  • Caretaker's office

  • +46 35 16 71 10