Printing from different devices

Here you can find information on where the printers on campus are located and how to print documents from the University's computers and from your own unit.

Printers on campus

University Library (M Building): ground floor (2 colour printers, 1 black)

Q Building: floor 3 outside Q305 (black)

R Building: floor 3, R3335 (colour)

Sending files from another email address

If you wish to send files to a printer from an email address that is not your student email address, you will first need to add the new address via the printing system. You can only do this from a University computer.

  1. Log in to the printing system External link, opens in new window..
  2. Choose Identities and Add identity.
  3. Type the email address you want to print from in Value.
  4. Select close window.
  5. Log out from the printing system by closing the web browser.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email to the address you named.