Student account

As an admitted student at Halmstad University you are given a personal student account to be able to register for courses and participate in education. With the student account follows log in information to different systems and tools, an email account, personal file space and the possibility to download software. The student account is connected to you and intended for just you to use in relation to your studies.

Forgotten password or user name

If you have lost your user name and/or password, but have access to your log in information for university admissions or your eduID, you can retrieve your user name and reset your password.

Personal file space

Through your student account you have access to a personal file space with 200 MB disk space on your home directory. You should always save your files there. From a University computer you can access your home directory by opening File explorer and then you can find the disc with your user name further down the list. You can also access your files through a web browser while connected to the University wifi and when you are not on campus.

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Removal of student account

Your personal student account will be removed when you no longer are an active student. Since you need the account for re-exam registrations and to collect information from Ladok for students the account will not be removed immediately.

The account will be removed when you haven't been registered in Ladok for students for one whole semester. If you have registered interruption of studies or are studying abroad the account will not be removed during your temporary absence.

Before removal, you will receive an email to your University email address and to the email address you have registered in Ladok for students at least two weeks in advance.

Information stored in your personal file space will be saved for at least one year after the account has been removed.