Student account

As an admitted student at Halmstad University you are given a personal student account to be able to register for courses and participate in education. With the student account follows log in information to different systems and tools, an email account, wifi, personal file space and the possibility to download software. The student account is connected to you and intended for just you to use in relation to your studies.

Forgotten password or user name

If you have lost your user name and/or password, but have access to your log in information for university admissions or your eduID, you can retrieve your user name and reset your password.

Change password for your student account

  • Login to Helpdesk.
  • Select Manage passwords and Change password in the menu.
  • Type your current password and the password you want to change to.
  • Done!

Student account for organisations, groups and projects

You can share student account with other students within a degree project for example. Student organisations may also create a joint account with an e-mail address connected to the organisation.


The University uses Microsoft Office 365 for email. Your inbox size is 50 GB and the maximum size of an email attachment is 100 MB. You also need the email account to be able to print documents on the University printers. In Office 365 you also get access to Office software.

How to log into your email account

Username: your email address '' (for example

Password: the password you chose when you created your student account.

Email account External link.

Office 365 software

It is important that you, as soon as you have created your student account and registered for your first course, also update your contact information in Student Ladok. You can do this under ”My pages” Choose the email address that you want the University to contact you at, it can be your address or another email address if you rather want to use your private account. You can also forward email from your University account to an other account.

Built-in Android email app

You may be requested to accept security settings in the built-in Android e-mail app. Unless you do this, unfortunately the built-in app won't function with Office 365. Microsoft suggests that you use the Outlook app instead.

Wifi (eduroam)

We recommend that you use eduroam when you connect to the Internet. You find eduroam on most of campus.

Login for wifi (eduroam)

User name: (for example

Password: your unique password for eduroam.

Forgotten your password?

  • You can find your wifi password in Helpdesk by clicking on:
    • Manage passwords
    • Eduroam Password
    • The eye symbol

Change password?

  • Change your wifi password in Helpdesk by clicking on:
    • Manage passwords
    • Eduroam password
    • Generate new eduroam password
A woman sitting at a table with a computer looking over her shoulder into the camera. Photo.

Connect to wifi – computer (PC and Mac)

To use the eduroam network you need to configure your device.

1. Download a file with settings and select the installation file appropriate for your computer.
Download the settings file External link.

2. When the file is downloaded, run the programme and follow the instructions.

Connect to wifi – Android

To use the eduroam network on an Android phone you need to download the app Eduroam CAT.

The app should find Halmstad University automatically, otherwise select ”Manual search” and type Halmstad.

Click ”Install” and ”Yes” when asked if you want to install the profile. Enter your username and password. Remember that your username should be followed by (i.e.

Personal file space

Through your student account you have access to a personal file space with 200 MB disk space on your home directory. You should always save your files there. From a University computer you can access your home directory by opening File explorer and then you can find the disc with your user name further down the list. You can also access your files through a web browser while connected to the University wifi and when you are not on Campus.

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Student Ladok

In Student Ladok you can see your results, register for courses and exams.

When you log in to Student Ladok for the first time, it is important that you make sure that your contact information is correct, otherwise you may miss out on important information.

Check your contact details

If you previously have studied at another Swedish university before you began studying at Halmstad University, you may have an old email address registered in Student Ladok. If you don't want us to send information to that account you need to update your email address in Student Ladok. You can do this in ”My pages”.

How to log in to Student Ladok

  • Go to Student Ladok. External link, opens in new window.
  • Then click the button ”Inloggning via ditt lärosäte / Access through your institution”.
  • Enter Halmstad University in the field ”Find your institution” to be directed to Halmstad University's log in page.
  • Username: your student account user name, for example nistut18.
  • Password: the password you chose when you created your student account.

Video instructions

Blackboard (learning platform)

At Halmstad University we use the learning platform Blackboard for web-based teaching and teaching support. Here you will find teaching materials for your courses.

How to log in to Blackboard

You can find all of your courses through the same login page in Blackboard.

Removal of student account

Your personal student account will be removed when you no longer are an active student. Since you need the account for re-exam registrations and to collect information from Student Ladok the account will not be removed immediately

The account will be removed when you haven't been registered in Student Ladok for one whole semester. If you have registered interruption of studies or are studying abroad the account will not be removed during your temporary absence.

Before removal, you will receive an email to your University email address and to the email address you have registered in Student Ladok at least two weeks in advance.

Information stored in your personal file space will be saved for at least one year after the account has been removed.