Tips on taking notes

Here you get tips on how to take structured notes in your lectures. With a good strategy for taking smart notes, you will facilitate your studies and get the most out of your lectures.

Take smart notes during lectures

To get the most out of the lectures, there are easy steps to follow. Prepare yourself before the lecture, be active during it, and summarise afterwards – then it will be easier for you to absorb the contents.

Structure your notes

There are many models that can be utilised to obtain a structure for your notes. Here is one model you can try out.

Template for smart notes

Get as much as possible out of the lecture


  • Read/skim the relevant reading material/course literature for the upcoming lecture.
  • Read through and study your previous notes.
  • Prepare some questions to ask.


  • Be active and where relevant don’t hesitate to pose questions to the lecturer.
  • Take good notes.


  • Discuss the lecture with your classmates immediately afterwards.
  • Read through and process your notes, perhaps by reorganising them or typing them out.
  • Reflect.
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