Study the Swedish way

Studying in Sweden might be a bit different compared to where you have been studying before. On this page you can read about some important parts of the Swedish education system which are good to be aware of in order to be successful during your studies with us.


In Sweden you are in charge of your own studies to a large extent. As a full-time student, we expect you to spend 40 hours per week studying. Not all of this time will be spent in class with a teacher, you also need to prepare for a lot of self-studies. We advise you to make study groups together with your classmates.


Working together with classmates from different cultures to solve a task or writing a paper is a part of your academic studies in Sweden. This might be challenging at times but will be a valuable experience when building your career.

Woman in a yellow cardigan with red headphones browsing books in a library bookshelf. Photo.