Threats and violence

Here you can find information about what you should do and who you should turn to in the event of a threatening situation. Threats and violence are acts that transcend the boundaries of what is legal, socially accepted and permitted.

Important to report threathening and violent situations

It is important that Halmstad University is informed of any threatening or violent situations, regardless of the level of seriousness. Only if we have the information, we can take preventive measures to ensure you feel safe during your studies with us.

  1. Turn to your teacher, programme director, the student work environment representative or the student healthcare centre.
  2. Report all violent situations in Helpdesk using the heading "Report incidents", and then the category "Other".
  3. The report will be handled by the School involved together with the Environment and Security Coordinator who will contact you in case we need more information.

If you need someone to talk to you can contact the student healthcare centre.

Student healthcare centre