What to do in case of an emergency?

Have you noticed the new, yellow safety vests that are in the wall holders in all the University's floors? Good, because these yellow, reflective high visibility safety vests are part of the new procedure concerning evacuation leaders at the University – a role that you as a student might have to take if an emergency situation arises on campus.

Anyone can be an evacuation leader

As of November 2019, a yellow safety vest with the text "Utrymningsledare” (evacuation leader) on the back is to be found on every floor at the University. It is not predetermined who will be the evacuation leader, simply because no one can know exactly which people will be in a certain place at a particular time.

”Whoever is closest to the safety vest on their floor should put it on, read the instructions on the evacuation card and act as the evacuation leader”, says Matilda Gunnarsson, security coordinator at Halmstad University.

”Anyone can become an evacuation leader. However, teachers and invigilators should always be ready to take on the role of evacuation leader for the group they are in charge of in the moment an evacuation is required.”

Procedures to follow as an evacuation leader

  • Warn people who are in the building and show them where the nearest escape route is.
  • Make sure everyone (students, staff and visitors) make their way to one of the reassembly points outdoors.
  • If any rooms in the building are not evacuated, the evacuation leader should mark these rooms on the evacuation card when at the reassembly point.
  • Ensure that the emergency service's vehicles have the access they require.

All of tasks and procedures evacuation leaders need to follow are stated on the evacuation card found next to the safety vest on campus.