Participate in a survey about gender-based violence

Halmstad University is one of more than 45 European higher education institutes to participate in a large study about gender-based violence in the higher education sector. Between April 5 and 30, you can participate in a survey connected to the study.

"By participating you contribute to collecting knowledge and measurable proof of the cemented and unreported question about violence in education and research."

Suzanne Almgren Mason, the University’s coordinator for equal opportunities

On April 5, a link to the survey will be sent to the email address you were given by the University.

A link to the survey is sent on April 5 to the email address you were given by the University (for example The sender is Websurvey,

The results from the Swedish study from last year will be presented later this spring. The results from the Unisafe study are planned to be presented in the autumn of 2022.


Answering questions on sexual harassment and violence may trigger difficult memories or experiences. The respondent may be in a situation of ongoing exposure when they respond to the questionnaire. Should a respondent feel uncomfortable answering the questionnaire, information on the University support for students, doctoral students and employees is included in the survey’s covering letter.

About Unisafe

Unisafe is an EU-funded research project that aims to eradicate gender-based violence from the research sector. Over 45 universities and research organisations in 15 European countries are participating in the survey – the largest of its kind in Europe in the higher education sector. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

More information about Unisafe External link.