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Return of International Day great success

During International Day on Tuesday last week, students from 17 different countries gathered in the S building to share their cultures with other students, staff and even some external visitors. There was, among other things, food, desserts, dancing, singing and traditional clothing, and some seriously good vibes.

Photo from above. Tables line the walls with many people interacting. Flags are hanging from the ceiling and there is food on the tables.

Students from 17 countries participated in International Day and there were visitors from all over the University.

International Day has been an annual tradition at Halmstad University for some time, except for the pandemic years, and is an appreciated event, both by participants and visitors. Just like previous years, this year’s event contained two parts: the first part being a large fair and the second being student performances.

Cultural market and happy atmosphere

Despite it being a typical Swedish rainy November day, the atmosphere was happy and excited all around the fair. Students along with teachers and other staff mingled while visiting the different booths.

“I appreciated that there were so many different countries represented from different parts of the world”, said one visitor.

The participants at International Day were international and exchange students representing their culture or country. In addition, Swedish students represented Sweden and promoted exchange studies. Of the 17 countries that participated, many served traditional desserts, snacks and foods. There was American cornbread, Chinese cooked pears, a chicken stew from Pakistan, coconut taffy from Sri Lanka, a German flatbread pizza, Colombian snacks and so much more.

Close up of a persons hair with a green hair piece. A person is visible in the background. Photo.

A student from Nepal wore clothing where a hair piece was part of the outfit.

Along with the traditional foods, a big contributor to the atmosphere was all the traditional clothing. Saris, lederhosen, hats, shirts and a multitude of accessories could be seen all over the fair.

Many visitors also participated in the walking quiz, where all participating countries had added their own question.

Performance mania

In addition to the fair and the walking quiz, some of the participating students chose to perform a song or a dance.

Person is standing in the spotlight holding a microphone. Photo.

Derinn Finnerty sang a traditional Irish song. “I love being able to share my culture, and singing is a very big part of the Irish culture. I sing at weddings and funerals back home and I was happy to bring that here”, she said afterwards.

Two people dancing together. Photo.

Helena Bischof och Alexander Weixler from Austria performed a traditional couples dance.

A group of people wearing colorful clothes singin together. They are holding cell phones and some people have their arms in the air. Photo.

A large group of Indian students had prepared a medley of Indian songs that they sang.

A group of people in colorful clothes. An audience is watching  and many have their phones out to film. Photo.

They continued with another medley to which they danced.

Person wearing a microphone singing and playin the ukulele. A blue and white flag is visible in the background. Photo.

Last but not least was Grecia Romero who hung the Honduran flag behind her, grabbed her ukulele and sang two songs about Honduras, one of which she has written herself.